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  • What is SLOP?
    SLOP is a PERL and PHP based engine for the collection of and reporting on logs from various network based devices such as firewalls, switches, and web servers. So far, SLOP supports Checkpoint firewalls and VPNs and Cisco 2900 and 3500 switches.

    The code, written is designed using a OOP philosophy so different types of resources can be visualized with this package by writing a new support module for the system

    Implemented features to date include:

    • Storage of logs in a SQL datbase for easy retrieval and data mining
    • Web based graphic reports of statistics from devices generated in real time from data stored in SQL database
    • Web based viewing of raw logs also possible, with sorting and color highlighting
    • Object oriented framework allows addition of "modules" to support other devices
    SLOP was originally developed as an open source alternative to Webtrends Firewall solution, and has been beta-tested (and then rolled out to production use) at a global managed services and colocation company. Logo
    Updated 5-Jan-2003