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    SLOP is a PERL and PHP based engine for the collection of and reporting on logs from various network based devices such as firewalls, switches, and web servers. So far, SLOP supports Checkpoint firewalls and VPNs and Cisco 2900 and 3500 switches.
    OK, OK...
    I said I'd release a version of SLOP on 10/18, I missed the deadline by 'bout 30 minutes. But version 1.5 will be appearing on sourceforge download servers pretty soon! Give it a test, let me know what ya think. I have to admit, I just noticed the switch functionality is broken in the web interface, but that's not the priority of the project at the moment so I'm releasing anyways. Yes, very micrsoft of me. I'll release an update in a day or two. Actually, may be longer - I've been trying to think up a good UI for how to deal with selecting ports on a 24(not alone 48) port switch for a while...

    update - Sourceforge servers came back up, source file is available now!

    18 October 2004 - SLOP tested with ADODB 4.53
    Tested and working with the latest version of ADODB. Kudos to John Lim for not changin the API to make existing applications break with his product.

    Still need to test with php5, will slate that for version 1.6, I have too much other php stuff on this box right now to break it all. If somebody can test it out, please let me know.

    14 October 2004 - New SLOP out 10/18/04 - really!
    OK, somehow a release never happened before. I'm unhappy to say this project is displaying the bad traits of an open source project being worked on by a single person. (If anybody wants to work on this with me, would be happy for volunteers/suggestions)

    I have been managing to spend some time on the project - finally got support for FW-1 NG working, switch support is back in but I don't really like the UI at the moment but I'm going to release anyways 'cause I don't think that's in major demand. I think I might have broken FW-1 4.1 support along the way, but can easily get that working again from CVS, call it a 1.6 release.

    Looking ahead, for 2.0 - will still add support for the ipchains et all, but I really want to work on the architecture a bit - The original design idea was to make this modular, and I've been doing that, but want to clean some concepts up a little more on the initial log processing side.

    4 January 2004 - New SLOP soon to be released
    I've been a busy boy for the last few months - quality of the graphs has improved, code has become cleaner, support for Cisco PIX has been added and I'm currently wrapping up support for FW-1 NG.

    Setup is sooooo much easier I sit looking at what it used to be and apologize to anybody who tried to install the beast. Almost no command line work is necessary for the install now. :)

    Let's see if I can shoot for version 1.5 to be out by 1/19...2.0 will be about a month later, adding support for ipchains and the bsd packetfilter.

    14 January 2003 - ADODB 3.0 tested
    Downloaded and tested SLOP 1.2 with ADODB 3.0 - everything seems to still work fine. :) Updating linux on site, docs will update with release of SLOP 1.3 soon.
    5 January 2003 - Version 1.2 released
    After way too much slacking on my part, a weekend of hacking has resulted in the release of version 1.2. I'm still hoping to spend another 20ish hours on this over the next two weeks and move to version 1.3, but we'll see how things go. ;) Only added support is for more databases - now using the adodb php library, which is very cool.
    20 April 2002 - SLOP Project publically launches at
    After being in testing and development for almost a year, SLOP is realizing it's original goal of an open source project.
    Stable: 1.5 (19 Oct 2004)
    Development: 1.5.1
    (Check out the downloads section)
    Please visit the SourceForge Forums to discuss any SLOP issues!

    This is a web-based forum with archiving abilities, allowing others to learn from discussion and providing quick feedback to your questions and concerns.

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    Updated 19-Oct-2004